“Jesus Held Me” released today!!

I released my second book today. “Jesus Held Me” is the true story of my near death experience and the hell I went through after. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you and God Bless Us All! Click here for the link to Amazon


Jesus Held Me cover is done.

Today the cover for my new book Jesus Held Me is complete. We are doing final editing now and hope to release in a few days! This will be my second book to publish and my first was “Prophecy of Honor” and its sales have far exceeded my hopes. It is a very exciting time. Thank you Jesus!

PARTY on Da Party Barge!

All camp work is finished. Now the only work is loading up ice chest and snacks and applying heaping amounts of sunscreen.

Our best friends are here and we will be shipping out at. 10am. I as the Captain have the honor of not getting out of bed until 957 am. Lol

We are headed to the sandbar in Lake Maurepas to grill , drink , and swim the day away.

My lovely wife is going to teach me how to post photos today to this blog.

“Prophecy of Honor” is still selling strong on Amazon!

Thank you Jesus!

Family Work Day

This is a family work day. Girls are cleaning the partybarge. Boys are doing the grass. Wife is doing everything. We will spend this day preparing the camp so that we can party on the boat and outside at the camp without the guilt of not having done the work that had been needed.

Camp for the summer starts now !
I will continue to check my sales of “Prophecy of Honor” throughout the day and to work on finishing my next book “Jesus Held Me”. Check Amazon. Thanks!

Prophecy of Honor on Amazon/Kindle

My book continues to sell and I want to thank everyone who has purchased it! Iam hoping to have my second book “Jesus Held Me” to editing by Thursday. It will be available on Amazon/Kindle as well soon!

“Prophecy of Honor” was written at my childrens request.

“Jesus Held Me” is being written in hopes to give people a better understanding of what Jesus love actually feels like.

God Bless Us All!

To Write or eat Crawfish??

I have my set deadline to finish writing my next book “Jesus Held Me ” next Thursday and then it’s off to editing.

MY problem is it is now Crawfish season and tommorow I will be boiling a sack. Now if you have never been to a crawfish boil then you probally do not understand it is a all day event.

I will leave at 8am and drive an hour to get my mudbugs direct from a fishermans boat. These are wild crawfish from the swamp basin which are darker in color and much tastier than pond raised crawfish.

I then must go shopping for spices, BEER, and other essential items for the boil.
Returning home I will set up my boiling rig in the yard while drinkin beer. I then will wash and purge the mudbugs while drinking beer.

I will proceed to bring my giant pot of water to a roiling boil while drinking several beers.

Next I add the crawfish and return them to a roiling boil for 8 minutes while drinking beer.

Then I kill the fire and let them soak for 30- minutes while drinking beer.
Finally I drain the crawfish and pour them on newspaper on the table and its time to grub while drinking beer

Several hours later after cleaning up and the beer is gone it will be bedtime.

My delima is that the days schedule is full. To do a true Louisiana Crawfish boil all of the above steps must be done with no variation. So I will have no time to write.

I will however have time throughout the day to continously check Amazon to see how many copies of my book “Prophecy of Honor” has sold. Watching the number grow all day is better than drinking beer!

I will just have to write double on Sunday. Lol. I will post pictures to this blog tommorow so you can see the correct way to boil crawfish—- maybe I should write a book on it!

God Bless us all!

Weekend Sales for Prophecy of Honor

Well it’s Friday again and usually my book sales jump on the weekend. Today is off to a awesome start and the sales are climbing.

I guess more people have time to read on the weekends. Although my sales are steady throughout the week I love to watch the dashboard on the weekends.

Any of my fellow Indie authors experience increased sales on weekends? If not then what is your best day of the week?

In other news Iam almost finished my next book “Jesus Held Me” and should start editing it by Tuesday. Its my true story of how I died on the emergency room table and what followed. Some people call it near death experiences I call it my Jesus experience!

Have a GREAT weekend!

“Prophecy of Honor” Prequel

Having released “Prophecy of Honor” in March of 2014 I really had no idea what to expect.

My book has far exceeded any expectations I could have dreamed of and sales continue to grow.

In the next month I will be releasing “Jesus Held Me” which is my true life story of my near death experience.

I have also been working on the prequel to “Prophecy of Honor ” and hope to release it by the end of this year. I will be taking much more time with the individual charcter development in this prequel. In fact I am pretty sure I will be making the prequel into two books.

I wish everyone well and hope that all Indie authors get the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor and that their books are best sellers!

“Prophecy of Honor” is available on all major outlets and my name is Woody Overton.

Thank You and God Bless.