Jesus Held Me

I wrote my book “Jesus Held Me” after my near death experience. I wish that everyone could feel what I felt at the moment he held me.

With all of our troubles and all of the evil in the world we cannot comprehend the love and joy that is waiting for us. No church or bible or preacher will ever be able to describe whats coming next. If you do not know Jesus just call out to him and repent and he will save you !

Jesus Held Me: A Near Death Experience by Woody Overton Jr


Our Books on Amazon

“Prophecy of Honor” and “Jesus Held Me” both are for sale on Amazon. They are for sale on all major retailers but they sell strongest on Amazon and Kindle. I have attached the links to this post. If you read them we truly hope you enjoy.

Prophecy Of Honor by Woody Overton

Jesus Held Me by Woody Overton Jr

“Prophecy of Honor” is a fantasy genre and “Jesus Held Me” is the true story of my near death experience and the time of my life which surrounds it.

Hope you will give one or both a read!

“Prophecy of Honor”

Thanks to all who have purchased “Prophecy of Honor.” I have also released “Jesus Held Me” and my wife has released “My Metabolic Miracle” and a second book that follows up with tips on how to make your Metabolic Miracle a success.

All of these are available through Amazon as well as all other online book retailers. Check them out and enjoy!

Woody Overton

“Prophecy of Honor”

My book is still selling and I want to thank everyone for reading it. I never expected it to sell so well!

My second book “Jesus Held Me” Is selling also as well as my wifes book “My Metabolic Miracle.”

All 3 are on Amazon, Smashwords, Create Space, and Kindle.

My wife is working on her sequel and Iam rewriting some of. “Prophecy of Honor ” to give more charcter depth as that is the only negative review I have had.

Thanks again!!

Near Death Experience and Faith

I published “Jesus Held Me” which is my true story of what most people call near death experience. I call it my Jesus Experience—– Having been a career Homicide detective I had always wondered what happened at the last moment before death. Now I know.

The book is available on Amazon and Kindle and had all 5 star reviews thus far. If you read it and have any questions let me know. Thanks

Sales of “Prophecy of Honor” outside the United States

“Prophecy of Honor” continues to sell. I have sold more copies in India than any other country besides the United States.

I have also sold in Canada, Europe, England, and Australia. Pretty cool when I see those numbers come up!

“Jesus Held Me” hasn’t gone international yet but it will. I released the book less than 2 weeks ago and it is selling well.

I hope all Indie authors have success beyond their wildest dream— power of positive thinking. Good Luck!