My Wife’s story

My wife published her book “My Metabolic Miracle” on Amazon. It is her true story of how she followed author Diane Kress book “Metabolism Miracle” to a very succesful weight loss after years of struggle.

This book is not a how to, it is a how I did it story. I love you Cyndi Overton and I am very proud of you and you are smoking HOT!!


“Prophecy of Honor” “Jesus Held Me”

I love checking my sales report on Amazon KDP as my sales continue to grow for “Prophecy of Honor ” and now “Jesus Held Me” continue to grow.

I get a rush evertime I check the site and see more sales. Its not about the money but its about the satisfaction that I get knowing that complete strangers are reading my books.

Super Cool

“Prophecy of Honor”

My first book release was “Prophecy of Honor.” It is a coming of age fantasy story of the Fantasy Genre.

My sales have been awesome and continue to grow. We sold 258 copies more in May than April and the book was released on Amazon in late march.

I also released my second book “Jesus Held Me.” last Friday and it is selling well. It is my true story of my near death experience and the pain that followed.

I hope they continue to grow together. My wife released her first book in April “My Metabolic Miracle” which is her testimony on defeating life long weight battle.

All of these are for sale on Amazon/Kindle as well as and other major online retailers.

If you happen to read them let us know what you think.

God Bless Us All

“Jesus Held Me.”

This is the true story of my near death experience and the horror that followed it. Ever wonder what happens at the moment you die?

Read my true story which contains my insight into death from the view point of a veteran homicide detective.

You wont be disappointed!

Jesus Held Me cover is done.

Today the cover for my new book Jesus Held Me is complete. We are doing final editing now and hope to release in a few days! This will be my second book to publish and my first was “Prophecy of Honor” and its sales have far exceeded my hopes. It is a very exciting time. Thank you Jesus!

PARTY on Da Party Barge!

All camp work is finished. Now the only work is loading up ice chest and snacks and applying heaping amounts of sunscreen.

Our best friends are here and we will be shipping out at. 10am. I as the Captain have the honor of not getting out of bed until 957 am. Lol

We are headed to the sandbar in Lake Maurepas to grill , drink , and swim the day away.

My lovely wife is going to teach me how to post photos today to this blog.

“Prophecy of Honor” is still selling strong on Amazon!

Thank you Jesus!

Family Work Day

This is a family work day. Girls are cleaning the partybarge. Boys are doing the grass. Wife is doing everything. We will spend this day preparing the camp so that we can party on the boat and outside at the camp without the guilt of not having done the work that had been needed.

Camp for the summer starts now !
I will continue to check my sales of “Prophecy of Honor” throughout the day and to work on finishing my next book “Jesus Held Me”. Check Amazon. Thanks!